The SHIELDSAK consists of a flexible R.F. shield fabric pouch that will not allow data scans by blocking electronic signals from reaching data transponders. 

Identity theft and hacking into a mobile device is easier now than ever before.?æ With the addition of the embedded electronic data chips in passports and credit cards, and the easy to purchase sophisticated hacking devices,?æ nothing and no one is safe. For people traveling abroad, the threat is even higher. LOKSAK has taken your safety to a new level by offering a fabric Faraday cage for blocking R.F. signals.?æ Now you can be certain information is scanned only by legitimate authorities...and only when you want and know it is being scanned. Protect yourself, your identity and your safety with SHIELDSAK. SHIELDSAK fits neatly into our ALOKSAK 4 X 7 for complete protection from all elements.

Collections: CLEARANCE

Type: Travel Accessory

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