Injinji EVERYDAY Lightweight Crew BOX


Dress in style with the four-pack Everyday Box Set! Included are four Everyday Lightweight Crew socks. Ideal for wearing to work or around town, buy these for yourself or for a friend!

The Injinji's Everyday sock is designed for the serious athlete who works just as hard at their career. Whether you are running on the floor of the stock exchange or working a twelve hour shift in the ER, the Everyday crew sock is worn by those who know that in order to perform at their peak, they must start at the bottom. A 200-needle fine knit, combined with a cotton coolmax blend provides an incredibly thin interface that wicks moisture yet adds comfort and durability. The fashionable colors will never be a give-away to your co-workers that you are a serious competitor.

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Sizing - Unisex

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