SPIbelt EMF Shielded Pocket Belt


Our new Shielded SPIbelt has been received with rave reviews! This new SPIbelt comes equipped with an interior anti-EMF and anti-RFID shielded pouch. Research suggests that this material may not only protect the wearer from harmful electromagnetic fields caused by your mobile phone but has the potential to protect your passport and credit card information from hi-tech thieves.

Hand wash the pouch in mild detergent only and hang dry. Chemicals and bleach will destroy the metal coatings on the threads of the fabric.

*This accompanying Spibelt pouch is made with anti-EMF/RFID fabric which is designed to block a high percentage of electromagnetic fields as well as radio waves. Overton Enterprises & Injinji Performance Products does not guarantee the product will block any certain percentage of electromagnetic fields or radio waves. The Spibelt with anti-EMF/RFID pouch is not intended to prevent any disease and no statements have been evaluated or approved by the USFDA. To learn more about this anti-EMF/RFID fabric please go to www.spibelt.com and click on the pdf file titled EMF Cobaltex.pdf or go to the supplier's website at: http://www.lessemf.com/fabric.html for more information. While on the SPIbelt website to learn more about EMF and mobile phones please click on the video Cell Phone Danger, or to learn more about RFID click on the video Electronic Pickpocketing

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