Zensah Skull Cap Beanie


Keep your warm with the Zensah Skull Cap Beanie. Whether using the beanie on a winter run, or under a cycling helmet, the Zensah Skull Cap Beanie provides superior comfort and performance.

Key Features and Specs

Moisture Wicking
Breathable and Thermal Regulating
Seamless Technology
  • Moisture Wicking: The Zensah Skull Cap Beanie features special moisture wicking fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin through the beanie to the air where it evaporates. The Zensah Beanie stays light and dry even during the hardest workouts.
  • Second-skin fit: Seamless technology and a lightly compressive material ensures a comfortable second-skin fit. The beanie fits perfectly under a cycling helmet for added comfort.
  • Prevents Odor: The Zensah Fabric is anti-odor, which means it prevents the buildup of bacteria and odors in the skull cap.
  • Keep Sweat out of Eyes in Summer: The Zensah Skull Cap can be used in the summer to help provide UV protection and keep sweat out of eyes.
  • Added Warmth During Winter: Runners, Cyclists, and anyone outdoors during the winter months are able to help preserve body warmth by wearing the Zensah Skull Cap Beanie.
  • Made of 95% Polyamide, 5% Elastane

About the Product

The Zensah Skull Cap Beanie is an ideal addition to any runners, cyclists, or athlete’s wardrobe. The Skull Cap Beanie is made from unique Zensah Fabric. It is ideal for cyclists to wear under a helmet, runners to wear to help keep warm, or any athlete looking to preserve body warmth in the winter.

The Running Beanie is also able to be used in the summer for sun protection and to help keep perspiration out of eyes, allowing you to stay focused on your sport. The beanie features moisture wicking technology - meaning it wicks away moisture from the skin through the beanie to the air where it evaporates. This keeps the beanie dry and lightweight. It is also made with seamless technology, so it does not have any seams to cause irritation.

One size fits most.


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