aLOKSAK Reusable Waterproof Bags - Waterproof to sixty metres underwater, used by Navy SEALs for storage of sensitive equipment.

aLOKSAK is the re-usable (& recyclable) solution to keeping your valuables & electronics safe, by providing a Waterproof, Dust/Dirtproof & Humidity control through a patented, hermetic seal. Waterproof to 60m, you can turn your smartphone into an underwater camera!

Benefits of aLOKSAK Reusable Ziplock Bags

- Waterproof to 200 ft / 60 m
- Electronics, personal items and firearms are damaged from exposure to the environment. aLOKSAK is the only re-sealable, flexible storage bag offering protection from the elements.
- The multi-patented, light-weight, and hermitically sealed storage system prevents air, humidity, water, dust and sand and snow from harming your valuables. The passage of time can also deteriorate precious keepsakes – but not when stored in our aLOKSAK brand bags.
- NO BPA or harsh chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing of our bags.
- MSDS sheets, technical data sheets and Regulatory Information sheets are available on our aLOKSAK and OPSAK bags upon request. 
- FDA and NSF approved
- Made in the USA

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