Cramp Solv


CRAMP-SOLV - For muscular cramps and spasms. At night, during or after sport, during or after work, during pregnancy.

Cramp-Solv is a natural formulation containing Homeopathic ingredients traditionally used in cramp and spasms.


Spray once under the tongue at the onset. Repeat in 15 - 20 seconds if necessary for up to 5 doses.


Seek medical advise before using if pregnant or breastfeeding. Always read the label. Use only as directed and if symptomtoms persist see your healthcare professional.


Arnica Montana 6C 200 mcl/mL Magnesia Phosphorica 6C 200 mcl/mL Magnesia Phosphorica 12C 200 mcl/mL Cuprum Metallicum 6C 200 mcl/mL Nux Vomica 6C 200 mcl/mL Contains: Ethanol

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Type: Anti-Cramp