Yankz! Pace Tat



PaceTat is a durable temporary tattoo with all of your klm split goals printed in large font so that you can read easily while running. Lightweight and unobtrusive, Pace Tat is a simple and convenient?æ tool for keeping track of your pace. Simply glance at Pace Tat at each klm marker and you will instantly see if you're on target! Beneficial to runners of any experience level, Pace Tat is there when you need it and out of your way when you don't so say goodbye to paper pace bracelets and Sharpie-covered arms.

Pace Tat is available in 20 different finish times and is easy to apply before the race. Simply wet with water, peel away backing, let dry, and run!

Not only for marathons...


Don't forget that you can also use PaceTat in shorter races by simply cutting at the desired mile marker and applying the top portion.
Use PaceTat in your next 10k or half marathon!