aLOKSAK Reusable Waterproof Bags - Waterproof to sixty metres underwater, used by Navy SEALs for storage of sensitive equipment.

aLOKSAK is the re-usable (& recyclable) solution to keeping your valuables & electronics safe, by providing a Waterproof, Dust/Dirtproof & Humidity control through a patented, hermetic seal. Waterproof to 60m, you can turn your smartphone into an underwater camera!

Visit the aLOKSAK Size Guide to determine the right size for your needs.

Benefits of aLOKSAK Reusable Ziplock Bags

- Waterproof to 200 ft / 60 m
- Electronics, personal items and firearms are damaged from exposure to the environment. aLOKSAK is the only re-sealable, flexible storage bag offering protection from the elements.
- The multi-patented, light-weight, and hermitically sealed storage system prevents air, humidity, water, dust and sand and snow from harming your valuables. The passage of time can also deteriorate precious keepsakes – but not when stored in our aLOKSAK brand bags.
- NO BPA or harsh chemicals are ever used in the manufacturing of our bags.
- MSDS sheets, technical data sheets and Regulatory Information sheets are available on our aLOKSAK and OPSAK bags upon request. 
- FDA and NSF approved
- Made in the USA