Helios Headwear Power Visor - Black

Feel the power of the Power Visor today. Helios Headwear gives you the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking optimal comfort and protection. This powerful visor combines cutting-edge technology with stylish design to offer an unparalleled experience under the sun.


High quality UV resistant fabric. With a UPF50+ rating, it shields you from harmful UV rays, ensuring a worry-free outdoor adventures.


Keep your cool with strategically placed ventilation panels that allow fresh air to circulate freely.

Moisture wicking

Stay dry and comfy, sweat wicking materials! Designed to pull sweat away from your skin & hair, efficiently dissipating moisture and leaving you feeling dry and fresh.

Premium Embroidery 

At Helios Headwear, we prioritise the importance of quality and craftsmanship to guarantee long-lasting gear.


Light as a feather, weighing in at 50 grams.  Designed with feather-light fabrics to make it the ultimate companion for all running enthusiast seeking unparalleled lightness and functionality in their gear.