Wave Tools Therapy Riptide Sport Cupping Set

Cupping Set

2 large + 2 small Silicone cups in carrying case

•Perfect for at home and professional cupping. Techniques include traditional cupping, dynamic cupping, and cupping for mobility

•Two methods: Plunger method for light suction and Invert method for strong suction

•Once in place you can pull, push, and glide the cups to break up fascial adhesions, improve tissue flexibility, increase circulation and reduce muscle tension.

•Sinewy and Hairy areas will require balm or oil to ensure complete contact of the rim and good suction (as with all silicone cups)

Cupping has been used for centuries in Asia for health and wellness, and continues to gain popularity around the world due to its benefits. Diameter: small cups are 2.2 inch, large cups are 2.6 inch.