How To Get Instant Relief For Plantar Fasciitis!

Plantar Fasciopathy and/or Fasciitis is a prevalent injury amongst runners and the general public alike. Reported to make up approximately 10% of running-related injuries, it is one of the five most common running injuries. Plantar Fasciopathy causes significant and often debilitating pain that affects not only running, but everyday life. Most often pain is experienced in the heel, but it can also extend through the medial arch of the foot. 

A multi-faceted treatment approach has proven to be most successful in relieving symptoms and combating the causative factors. Along with regular icing, massage, strengthening, activity modification and considerations for footwear, compression and support have shown to play an important role. Quite often, acute injury management from a physio or podiatrist will involve regular foot strapping to provide support and thus reduce strain and tension through the plantar fascia. Long-term taping is not sustainable as it can cause skin irritation and discomfort, and needs to be re-applied regularly to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Thankfully there is now a comfortable and practical alternative. Feetures are the number one selling technical sock in USA specialty running stores. Through this association, they realised the prevalence of Plantar Fasciopathy, and thus developed their own Plantar Fascia Compression Sock. They have all the best assets of their Elite run socks, plus compression detail specific to the plantar fascia. The socks are anatomically designed to fit each foot to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. They offer specific compression through the medial arch, as well as across the medial tubercle of the anterior plantar calcaneus (Plantar Fascia insertion) and at the posterior calcaneus (Achilles tendon insertion).

It’s a high-quality sock and the synthetic fibres ensure it is lightweight and offers great moisture-wicking capabilities, whilst maintaining a very comfortable fit and feel. The strong compression is noticeable immediately, especially across the anterior heel, which feels very comfortable and supportive. Compression through the medial arch is there and feels more prevalent when weight-bearing or moving compared to at rest. Whilst compression at the Achilles insertion is less noticeable, it definitely helps in providing a secure fit and ensuring the targeted compression is acting effectively elsewhere on the foot. The socks are comfortable and offer a great level of compression that feels supportive and is tolerable for wear during exercise and for long periods of time.

The Plantar Fascia Compression Socks were launched in June this year, and we’re really excited to have them as part of our Feetures! sock offering for Australia. They’re a great adjunct treatment for sufferers of Plantar Fasciopathy to assist in relieving tension through the plantar fascia and providing lasting support and symptomatic relief.